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We pride ourselves in being ourselves...Professionals on the job and in the classroom.  Since 1974 we have "Educated generations of Skilled Plumbers" and the success of the hard working men and women that learned from us over the years can attest to that.  We teach apprentice plumbers the plumbing code, and the reasoning/methods behind why and how they do what they do at the job site each day.  This prepares apprentices for the Journeyman & Master Exam.

To be enrolled in our program, Apprentice Plumbers must first be employed by a Registered Master Plumber and at least 18 Years of Age.

To become a licensed Journeyman Plumber in Allegheny County, apprentices must successfully complete 576 hours in the classroom, along with 8,000 hours in the field working under direction of an Allegheny County Registered Master Plumber. Following this requirement will enable the Apprentice to take their Journeyman Exam at the end of their fourth year with us.

While working as an Apprentice Plumber, the Apprentice is required to attend school, and have a current Apprentice Card issued by the Allegheny County Health Department.  Apprentices who do not attend school will no longer be valid.

*Apprentice Card Renewals are included with tuition once per year.





Two Semesters Per Year

24 Class Nights per Semester

72 Total Hours per Semester

Fall Semester (late August-November)

Spring Semester (January-March)

Classes are Tuesday & Wednesday Nights from 7:00PM until 10:00PM


Tuition for all 1st - 4th Year Apprentices

is $700.00 per semester.

Tuition payments for 1st - 4th Year Apprentices is the responsibility of the Sponsoring Contractor/Employer. We do not accept payment from Apprentices.

Refresher Courses are also available for returning Journeyman Plumbers who wish to take the Master Exam.

Tuition for Refresher Courses is $500.00 per semester.


ALL IN PERSON classes are held in our same location since 1974, McKeesport Area High School

1960 Eden Park Blvd.

McKeesport, PA 15132

When required, any ONLINE classes are completed live in our Virtual Classroom.

 Apprentices are taught the IPC/Allegheny County Plumbing Code Theory. 


Apprentice Tuition Includes access to all necessary training books & materials that correspond with each course throughout each semester.  We also include the yearly Apprentice Card update with your tuition. Remember, you must be attending school to maintain your Apprentice Card.

We do not give out any certifications (such as back flow/D.O.T.) since this may be in conflict with their employer.  During these hard economic times it is hard for licensed plumbers working for legitimate plumbing companies to compete with unqualified, unskilled handymen, let alone competing with certified apprentices.  Please note that, because the apprentice program is four years, and a minimum of five years plumbing experience is required to receive ASSE back flow certification, we are unable to provide that training.  It has always been the policy of M.Y.P.A.S.  to teach the theory of the plumbing codes, and to prepare the apprentice for the journeyman/master examination required by  the Allegheny County Health Department.

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