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Mon-Yough Plumbing Apprentice School (M.Y.P.A.S.) is a Plumbing Apprentice Training Program, that provides related training instruction to Apprentice Plumbers of Allegheny County.

Founded by Anthony H. Costa, Sr. in 1974, M.Y.P.A.S. and our talented team of Instructors have educated generations of the trade's finest individuals since our inception.  


Mr. Costa, or Tony as most knew him, received his Journeyman Plumbers License in 1952, and his Master's in 1962.  Truly a pillar in the local industry, Tony proudly worked for the Allegheny County Health Department as a Plumbing Inspector & Inspector Supervisor until his retirement, and held various seats on the Plumbing Advisory Board, Mon-Yough Plumbing Contractor's Association and the Mon-Valley Association of Master Plumbers.


Our Founder

Anthony H. Costa, Sr.

This program was started firmly on the idea that all apprentice plumbers shall be given the tools to succeed in their trade, and excel with each step that they take...which remains our approach almost five decades later.  We want each of our apprentices to feel a sense of pride when they think back on where they've started, and just how far they've come.  Through the ups and the downs over the last five decades, it is the dedication of our Instructors, Staff, Apprentices and the Local Contractors that has shaped Mon-Yough into the program that it is today!


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