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OVERVIEW: There are a total of 144 Hours required per year; 72 Hours are required each semester.

First Year - Plumbing Math & Formulas

Math & Formulas for Plumbers are a crucial point of your learning and career! The Plumbing Mathematics courses are taught by heavily-vetted instructors with degrees in Education & Mathematics.

Third Year - Plumbing Code & Theory III

While continuing coursework driven by plumbing code, Third Year Apprentices gain knowledge in specialty plumbing systems.

Second Year - Introduction to
Plumbing Code

Second Year Apprentices begin their journey into the plumbing code.  This course introduces the student to IPC/Article XV & Plumbing Drawings while continuing to implement formulas and calculations vital to advancement.

Fourth Year - Plumbing Code & Drawings IV

Fourth Year Apprentices extend their knowledge and retention of the plumbing code while advancing their skills in prints and drawings.


All math problems and elevation calculations are reviewed.  All information learned during the apprenticeship will be reviewed to prepare the students for the Journeyman Examination administered by the Allegheny County Health Department.

The universal truth that is taught and reminded of all Apprentices is the integrity of the Plumbing Code. The system of regulations set forth was created to protect the health and welfare of our population. Improper plumbing has had numerous adverse effects throughout the course of time.  We are all here to prevent these occurrences.

Our mission is to provide the industry with a workforce of Safe & Skilled Plumbers.

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